Urban Mapping® is now
a part of Maponics®

With Maponics, you have access to the largest database ever compiled for neighborhood boundaries. Whether you need a simple database lookup of neighborhood names or want a more meaningful way to organize and present map data, Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries are considered the industry standard by web and mobile organizations across the globe.

Welcome to the new Urban Mapping

We'd like to be the first to welcome you to the new Urban Mapping. Over the next few weeks, Urban Mapping's services and products will be migrated over to Maponics, a leader in location-based spatial data that shares our vision for mapping the locations that matter most to our customers.

Using neighborhood data as an anchor, Maponics now offers Communities™ products that offer even richer insight into micro-boundaries like residential areas, hospital locations, and precise school ground locations; giving customers a unique lens into location that they simply haven't had until now.

Placing Urban Mapping Neighborhoods within Maponics' product offering and layering it into their Communities product roadmap is a logical and exciting next step. We are confident that Maponics’ commitment to building Communities data will mean a great enhancement for all users of Neighborhood data. We are very excited to leave the data we have built over the last nine years in Maponics’ very capable and proven hands.

The road ahead is an exciting one, and we look forward to continuing this journey together.