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Products and Solutions Overview

Mapfluence Overview

Embedded geographic technology allows Mapfluence users to uncover new business insights. The Mapfluence API provides easy integration and flexible development with access to everything from base maps to spatial analysis to our industry-leading on-demand data catalog.

Adtech and Web Publishing

Web publishers active social, local, mobile, advertisers and other in the advertising technology ecosystem can leverage Mapfluence tools to engage target and monetize. Our industry solution addresses advertiser and publisher needs.

Data Sourcing and Licensing

Learn about data resident in Mapfluence, including proprietary data products like neighborhood boundaries and public transit. Large-scale web publishers and enterprise segments might be interested in learning more about our data sourcing and licensing experience.

Partner and Customer Solutions

Partner Program

Interested in integrating Mapfluence with your products? Read more about the Urban Mapping Partner Benefits.

Tableau Software

As Tableau's official mapping partner, customers can leverage enhanced mapping capabilities via Mapfluence to seamlessly add spatial capabilities to Tableau products.

Oracle Spatial

Integrate Oracle Spatial's MapViewer to visualize proprietary data alongside the industry's leading on-demand data catalog.

Bing Maps

Build intuitive and engaging applications with Mapfluence on top of the Bing Map API.


The Mapfluence basemap is unique in that individually-rendered layers are composited on-the-fly, creating a customized 'map sandwich.' We employ state-of-the-art web technologies to ensure high availability and fast load times from anywhere in the world. Because the Mapfluence basemap was designed with an eye to layering data on top of the map, we embrace the philosophy of less is more. This translates to muted basemap styles that accentuate values and overlays while minimizing visual complexity. Customize typeface, line thickness, fill type and over 20 different elements.


Effective map design means more than producing elegant images on a screen. This means developers and end users can focus on deriving meaning from maps, not building them. Our cartography services remove the nuances of map scale, label occlusion, projections, default colors, styles and myriad other details that go into mapmaking, allow you to focus on your business.


Defining national and regional boundaries involves finesse and sensitivity to cultural and political issues. Localizing place names is far more than an exercise in translation. With a world of experience, Urban Mapping applies local conventions and standards to ensure visualizations are represented in the ways that locals intend.

Basic Data

By integrating a broad collection of curated data from our on-demand data catalog, including macroeconomic statistics, income, housing, ethnicity, household composition, education, public transportation infrastructure, public health data, national economic and social indicators, developers can instantly build applications that leverage the power of Mapfluence. Because embedded geographic technology integrates software with data, 'out of the box' offerings are an essential component of the platform.

Visual Overlays

Map visualizations, collectively known a thematic maps, fall into several types: point, choropleth, heat map, kernel density and more. It is important to note that mixing incorrect map types with data can lead to flawed interpretations. Mapfluence helps you understand your data and how to best represent it.


Looking at exogenous or well-understood data on a map or a report is helpful, but mashing it up with your organization's data changes the game — bring your own data to Mapfluence, and you can visualize, analyze and perform spatial operations to gain insight.

High-resolution Imagery

Access to high resolution satellite and aerial imagery, seamlessly stitched, continuously updated with up to 30 cm resolution.


Mapfluence supports address-level geocoding (the process of converting a human-readable address to latitude-longitude) and reverse geocoding. We also have support for 'place geocoding,' which involves resolving a well-known geographic name (postal code, country, congressional district, telephone area code, etc...) to a location on the map. This can be very helpful for sales territories that are defined by collections of well-known places. Mapfluence supports address-level geocoding for multiple regions, including many in North America, Europe and Asia.

Spatial Analysis

While creating thematic overlays on a map offers compelling visualizations, Mapfluence goes further. Leveraging our state of the art mapping technologies, we are able to offer customers functionality they need to get the job done when creating reports. Point in polygon calculations, aggregating statistics, column-based sorting and filtering focus users on what they need to know.

Advanced Spatial Analysis

Building on our core Spatial Analysis capabilities, advanced offerings cater to specific industry or functional needs. Whether requirements call for querying across data types, understanding your own data in a broader context, analyzing travel times and aggregating statistics, providing statistical support or other capabilities, Mapfluence can deliver.

OEM Options

For organizations that wish to leverage Mapfluence's embedded geographic technology, a white-labeled offering allow for direct integration into your application. From key management to e-commerce, the platform was designed with flexibility in mind.

Trial Starter Team Enterprise
Basemap Standard Mapfluencebasemap with advanced compositing + + + +
Basic Data Access to core demographic data + + + +
Thematic Maps Create heat maps, thematic maps and more + + + +
BYOD Import and host custom data in Mapfluence + +
High Resolution Imagery Access to high resolution satellite/aerial imagery + + +
Geocoding Convert human-readable addresses into machine-readable format + + + +
Spatial Analysis Basic spatial operations + + + +
Geometry Builder Build custom territories on the fly + +
Advanced Spatial Analysis Advanced query types + +
OEM Options Additional premium configuration options +